Dragon Racing and the Dragon Boat Itself

I’ll admit that one of the things that go me into dragon boat racing was that I couldn’t get over how much I liked the boats. They’re these huge boats that do tend to be adorned with dragons. They’re like the sorts of things that you would expect to find in a Chinese parade, and you can row them. I’ve always liked the Chinese aesthetic, and the dragon boats were a lot more interesting to look at than your typical canoe.

Some people have been under the impression that dragon boats were created by Westerners who were mocking Chinese culture, which is fortunately not true. Dragon boats have a long history in East Asian countries and many others, in fact. They have come to the West relatively recently. The fact that dragon boat racing has become popular in the West is largely a symptom of the fact that the world is becoming more globalized.

The boat also makes a difference when it comes to documentation. My family really went to town with the pictures from my last race. They started taking all of these different pictures at all points during the race, and they’ve been posting them on Facebook ever since. They could probably make a scrapbook of the pictures if they wanted.

While they were doing that to be supportive, I also think that they were doing that because dragon boats really are that picturesque. They’re the sorts of boats that can help create really great pictures, and that’s what you want when you’re a photographer, even if you’re just taking snapshots for your family. Honestly, I think that all of those pictures are just additional accomplishments in their own right, which has only made things better.