Good Rest is a Miracle

Recovery seems so elusive when you are sick. It seems very far away. Time becomes distorted and days long and endless. You need all the help you can get to make life a bit more comfortable during the long wait. One way is to have help preparing meals and cleaning the house. Hiring someone to throw out the trash is simply overwhelming to someone with no energy.

In addition, your ability to sleep well is impacted as you may have numerous aches and pains from a less-than-comfortable bed. You seem to all of a sudden become conscious of the defaults of a once-prized mattress. You toss and turn and lack even one good night’s sleep. Then a blessed soul comes into your life and offers a new mattress to help with back pain. You more than imagine the bliss!

A mattress of this nature has extra cushioning on one side–the upper area–that wraps you in soft comfort. Many love it although some find it rather soft. For the cancer patient, it is a good option to consider. I know many, including myself, who have enjoyed its benefits. It adds depth to the mattress and enhances any other features it may have.

A Temper-Pedic is a high-end mattress brand that is another alternative, but it is very costly. Of course, when you are ill, you feel that no expense should be spared to make you feel better. If you think you would have bought one anyway, it is worth every penny, or so users say in their many online testimonials. Read between the lines and get the hidden message. In one way or another, it will apply to you.

Sometimes an average mattress will do the job when it is new as it is a vast improvement over an old, worn out one. It is a personal decision that takes some consideration to make, and this will be within a given budget. All in all, as sleep is so important, and good rest almost a miracle, you will want to weigh each option carefully.

Sleep takes a bit more sometimes than the mattress, so be prepared for some enhancers that really work. If medication at night is ineffective, a patient might enjoy a light, gentle body massage. It can involve aromatherapy that soothes muscles and the mind at the very same time. Once you hone in on your favorite scents, you will look forward to this treatment.

Music is also a great mood enhancer and if a bit monotonous, it can lull you to sleep. There are wonderful CDs available with exotic low-toned instruments and the sound of the sea. Pick a few and alternate them so you don’t get bored—unless, of course, boredom for you is the road to slumberland.

Someone can read you a story; you can watch TV; or listen to the radio. You should not, however, look at a laptop or tablet—and especially your smart phone—before bed. These are bad enough for normal insomniacs, and are worse for cancer patients in distress.