Resources for Breast Cancer Survivors

Resources for Breast Cancer Survivors

Being diagnosed with breast cancer is going to be one of the most terrifying experiences of your life. There is no getting around that. You’ll automatically feel like this is it for you, regardless of how serious your actual case is. You’re going to question a lot of the things you took for granted, like the sense of security that you always had for yourself. You’re going to feel a sense of panic at first.

You should know that the situation for breast cancer sufferers is much better than it used to be in more ways than one. This is partly because the condition is nowhere near as dangerous as it used to be. There are loads of breast cancer survivors today, which just wasn’t the case a generation ago. Getting cancer really was a death sentence. There may not be a cure for cancer, but there are ways of holding it back before it consumes your entire body. This just wasn’t the case years ago. While I can’t promise that everything will be okay for you, I can say that scientific advancements have made a lot of things better for everyone.

However, all of the resources available for breast cancer patients have also made all the difference in the world. A couple generations ago, if you had cancer, you had to suffer in silence or hope that your family was going to be able to provide all of the solace that you needed. Basically, you had to get lucky when it came to your own rigorous constitution, or on how affectionate your family was. Lots of people are zero for two when it comes to that, and that’s the last thing you want to be at such a difficult time in your life.

Today, we have support groups for patients who have cancer in general, and breast cancer in particular. I think my diagnosis would have been much harder to cope with if I did not have a group of other sufferers and survivors to talk to, since this really is a very unique and personal condition.

Your friends and family are going to offer as much support and compassion as they can. Not everyone has a support network of friends and family, of course. has a great list of resources for the people who are battling breast cancer, as well as the survivors who won:

A good portion of these resources can help people with understanding their condition. Some of them are resources that can more or less provide people with financial aid, which can make all the difference for many individuals in a country with very uncertain medical care. There is so much misinformation about cancer in general and about resources for cancer in the United States and elsewhere that it helps to look to the most official sources that are out there.

I was lucky enough to live in an area that had a cancer support group that I could visit and that was within driving distance. Lots of people don’t have that luxury. Lots of people don’t even have cars. Fortunately, there are online cancer support groups today, so as long as people have Internet connections, they will not feel like they have to be alone with their cancer: