Solo Practice

I am a survivor and survivors are tough to the core. My day consists of mostly dragon boat practice after work. I love the exercise and the social encounters. You meet great people from all walks of life. There is nothing more fun than racing on a nice sunny day. I have to stay fit as a fiddle as a survivor of modern medical science. In between practices, I use an inflatable kayak to improve my upper arm strength. I haven’t had it for long, but it is serving me well. It was low-cost as these inflatables go but is easy to transport and get it in and out of the water. The best inflatable kayaks for under $500 can be purchased online and they include the paddle, a carrying case when it is deflated, and an air pump. I got it for only $325 and the site also offered a discount. Such a deal.

It is a one-person model suitable for my solo needs. You are guaranteed a great time on the water at your favorite lake, river or stream. It is built from rugged and durable materials and the design includes a built-in fabric seat that is super comfortable. I was sold when I read about the reinforced 24-gauge laminated three-layer PVC construction. This means that the kayak is durable and rough water ready if that is what you like. It has multi air chambers (two in the hull and one in the floor) that make for a comfortable ride. I love the bottom fins that are dual directional. They give the craft great stability and control. Some people need the grab handles to be on the large size and the rings that are useful for carrying and connecting to other floats or the dock. I prefer the aluminum oars to plastic as they are easy to use and effective in getting you where you want to go.

You can buy such an inflatable kayak online and they usually ship in 24 hours so you don’t have to wait and be patient. You can dream about your upcoming adventures, however, and how much fun you will have enjoying the water recreation it provides. It is a good alternative to dragon boats and gives me a little variety while I tone up. Some people call it a blow-up kayak which diminishes its cachet. Inflatable as a word is far more gracious. It is too well built to be reduced to the blow-up level. In other words, it is premium quality and a sportsman tool. My kayak is nimble and durable and everything I could want including eye-catching graphics for added safety on a lake or slow-moving river. You will be seen from everywhere thus avoiding any mishaps. Being highly portable is the best feature of them all.

I stow the deflated kayak in my garage where I can find it in a pinch when I am ready to use it or loan it out. I practically have a waiting list of people standing in line.