Taking Care of Yourself

When you are on a cancer-treatment regimen, you need to take care of yourself. You are in control and no one else is going to do it for you. This means being vigilant and staying clear of people who are ill who might compromise your immune system. You can’t always avoid every threat to your being, so it means adopting some tried and true health practices to keep your immune system functioning optimally and that bring peace of mind and inner strength. There is no real substitute for establishing a well-conceived health program for yourself.

First and foremost, it pays to eat nutritious foods when you are a cancer survivor. They say that certain fruits and vegetables with antioxidants help ward off recurrence when eaten in sufficient quantities. Experts and nutritionists talk about blueberries, tomatoes, broccoli, and assorted super foods. They also mention drinking vast quantities of green tea and even water for maximum hydration and proper renal functioning. Lean meat and poultry is fine to satisfy the body’s need for protein, added to a small amount of dairy, fats, and carbs: everything in moderation and nothing in excess except maybe those leafy, green vegetables. It seems that you can’t get enough of them. You can’t go overboard eating fresh salads virtually all of the time.

While a healthy, balanced diet is key (including items from all of the basic food groups), you can also take vitamins and supplements in areas you need the most such as Omega3 fatty acids, Vitamin B, C, D, or E. A doctor’s recommendation is instructive after giving you the traditional battery of blood tests. Some people are also lacking in certain enzymes, so they will be included on your supplement list.

Next comes the role of exercise. You have no doubt read volumes on the subject, but there is a reason that the topic is so prevalent. Exercise is everything, next to diet, when it comes to maintaining one’s good health. It can counteract all the negative things we do to our body such as internalizing stress. There is nothing worse that tension and anxiety to bring on disease. One hour three times a week of some type of light to moderate aerobic workout such as running, brisk walking, swimming, etc. is advised. You would be surprised how miraculous a regular program of exercise can be. If you are not in tip top shape, you soon can be with a little effort.

Diet, vitamins, exercise—it sounds like a reasonable self-help program. But there is one more thing. Consider a whole home air purifier to keep airborne germs and bacteria away. Many healthy people suffer from chronic allergies and even asthma if their air is impure. It depends on where you live, but indoor air can be laden with allergens, pollen, dust, germs, bacteria, mold, odors, and more. The good news is that you can do something about it beyond keeping your windows and doors closed, and vacuuming and dusting incessantly. An air purifier built into your HVAC system will help you breathe easier and sleep well at night. Be sure to add one to your list of health practices.